‘Search Matters’ Seminar | Searching for Sustainability

On Tuesday, May 23, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri gave a keynote speech at the “Search Matters” seminar organized by the European Patent Office (EPO). This seminar serves as a platform for lectures and workshops focused on patent application searches. This year’s theme was ‘Searching for Sustainability’.

During her speech, entitled “Science-based Solution Pathways for Climate Neutrality”, she focused on the role of technological, socio-economic, and financial innovation plays in paving science-based transformation pathways for climate neutrality and resilience, by presenting the structure and function of the UN SDSN Global Climate Hub.

Answering three key questions, she explained why innovation is important for the climate transition, the adoption of mature technological/economic/social innovation, and the importance of incentivizing fast and fair innovation through patent policies.


Learn more about the seminar here

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