Seminar Series – Tehran Institute of Advanced Studies (TeIAS) | Prof. Phoebe Koundouri

On Wednesday, May 10, Professor Phoebe Koundouri gave an invited lecture entitled: “SDSN Global Climate Hub: Science-based Solution Pathways for Climate Neutrality” at the Tehran Institute of Advanced Studies (TeIAS) at Hatam University.

During her lecture, Prof. Koundouri presented the work of her team (research projects, innovation accelerators, and science-policy interface building) under the Alliance of Excellence for Research & Innovation on Aephoria that she leads, which enpower the developement of the national and international transition pathways to sustainability. She also introduced the SDSN Global Climate Hub, which links energy modelling and land use modelling to develop national climate neutrality and resilience pathways, while supporting these pathways with the associated socio-economic narrative.

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