Shifting to Mediterranean Diet and crosssector implications for Greece – Evidence from the FABLE Calculator

On Thursday, March 28, 2024 the Greek Fable team organized an insightful workshop titled “Shifting to Mediterranean Diet and cross-sector implications for Greece”. The event aimed to delve into the significance of transitioning to a Mediterranean diet and its broader implications across various sectors within Greece.

The Greek FABLE Team presented the active work of the AE4RIA Network on sustainable food systems and provided valuable insights into the importance of adopting the Mediterranean diet and its alignment with the EU Green Deal and climate neutrality for Greece. The AE4RIA team cast specific focus on the challenges facing the Greek agricultural sector following the devastating extreme weather events of 2023 and the need for radical transformation. The discussion included valuable inputs from experts in the field regarding the targeted policies required to promote dietary shifts in Greece and the EU. All participants highlighted the need for a holistic approach involving stakeholders from all levels of government, academia and research, industry, and civil society.

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