Prof. Phoebe Koundouri gave a speech on “Circular economy in national S3: the case of Greece” at the “SMART SPECIALISATION STRATEGY (S3) IN THE ADRIATIC – IONIAN MACRO-REGIONAL STRATEGY (EUSAIR)” Workshop & Webinar.

The Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship of the Università Politecnica delle Marche in collaboration with REDETE (Researching Economic Development and Entrepreneurship in Transition Economies) organises a workshop on the implementation of the Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) in the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-regional Strategy (EUSAIR) on 27 October 27 2020 at 10.00 am on EUSAIR Stakeholder Platform.

The event is planned as continuation of the previous Meeting of EU Strategy for Adriatic-Ionian Region Smart Specialization representatives, organised within Mediterranean Coast and Macro-regional Strategies Week 2020 on 23-24 September 2020.


The meeting is aiming at exchanging experiences and views on how to build synergies and embed cooperation in the overlap between the EUSAIR pillars and the areas of specialisation defined within S3. It also aims at discussing the methodology adopted for the design and implementation of S3 in EUSAIR regions and countries. In recent years, S3 has become a guiding concept to make the EU more cohesive and, at the same time, to foster regions’ competitiveness. However, while Europe was close to make the next step towards more smart, sustainable and inclusive growth, the CoVID-19 crisis now represents a serious challenge for its present and future. In the current debate on post 2020, it would be important to capitalise on the two pillars of the ongoing policy programmes: the transnational macro-regional strategies and the research and innovation strategies for smart specialisation. The workshop will address both the theoretical underpinnings of these two strategies as well as the problems arising from their practical implementation. It will review the experiences in the integration of the two programs and explore future challenges and potentials.


The workshop will bring together researchers, practitioners and policy makers to exchange experiences and views on the role, the actual implementation and future opportunities of S3 in the context of the EUSAIR. The attendance to the seminar is free of charge, but participants are kindly requested to register as soon as possible on the EUSAIR Stakeholders Platform:

For more information check out the agenda of the event!

Learn more at:

Read Prof. Phoebe Koundouri’s presentation below

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