The Living Lab Modeler, a tool to manage and valorise Living Lab activities | DESIRA H2020 project

Living Labs are a very common method applied in co-creation processes for recording problems and solutions related to innovation and pressing societal problems. It is, however, difficult to ensure the engagement of participants in the long run, and in parallel the maintenance of processes and operation requires a lot of effort. For these reasons, results are often deployed incompletely, and their potential impact is reduced.

Living Lab Modeler – LLM is a tool that aims to facilitate and organize the operation of participatory processes. Participatory processes and more specifically Living Labs are a widespread method for identifying problems and working on solutions.

LLM offers a digital representation of a Living Lab. It visualizes the available information and automatically produces assessments based on the information provided. It thereby facilitates the exchange of information and cooperation between participants, the dissemination of the results of the LL to external bodies, streamlines processes, and supports the coordinators of the LL in their operation, facilitating the achievement of its objectives.

The LLM has two level of users with the relevant rights:

  • the end-user perspective: allows for different roles and permissions and supports membership management, automatic report generation and material download
  • the administrator perspective: comes with a user Interface to manage standard classifications, Living Labs’ Stakeholders and SCPs entities management

Living Lab Modeler is being developed by Athena RC as part of the DESIRA H2020 project (Grant Agreement no. 818194).

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