Transition to Circular Societies: The Role of Education

On Friday, 26th of April 2024, an event on “Transition to Circular Economy: The Role of Education & Entrepreneurship” will take place at Athens University of Economics and Business (AUEB) at Troias Amphitheater (2 Troias, Kimolou and Spetson street, 11362, Athens) from 12 pm until 3pm. The multiplier event is under the Erasmus+ project, TICHE Academy. The shift towards circular societies signifies a pivotal shift in our pursuit of sustainable development, as it entails the efficient utilisation of resources, the reduction of waste, and the mitigation of environmental impact. Education plays a pivotal and indispensable role in this paradigm shift by cultivating within individuals a sense of accountability, ingenuity, and sustainability. This event investigates the convergence of education, entrepreneurship and circularity, examining how businesses and educational institutions can enable people to catalyse the transition towards circular economy. By means of an extensive array of viewpoints contributed by educators, start-ups and industry leaders, participants will acquire valuable knowledge regarding the profound capacity of education to mould a future that is more environmentally sustainable. We invite you to join us in envisioning a future where education acts as a catalyst to foster the development of resilient, equitable, and regenerative societies. You can register via this link.

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