UN SDSN Greece Youth Workshop: “Talk: Your Voice Makes You Stronger”

SDSN Greece Youth organised and held an interactive, experiential workshop entitled “Talk: Your Voice Makes You Stronger”, on the occasion of the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women.

The workshop took place during the four-day pilot festival “The Athens We Need”, which was organised by Organisation Earth with the cooperation of Design 4 Futures.

The workshop was divided into different sections, attempting to combine basic academic knowledge on the concept of gendered violence and the social construction of masculinity/femininity with statistical information on the issue of domestic violence, and how the former can be understood through the daily lives of the audience and the latter can be prevented through a cultural transformation of the discursive practices of all.

SDSN Greece Youth showed a number of videos and photographs aimed at raising awareness, combined with questions for the audience that did not necessitate answers, but encouraged the keeping of notes for personal use. To more effectively communicate the main goal of the workshop, SDSN Greece Youth included two different acts of the “Theatre of the Oppressed” to increase: first, the understanding of the nature and consequences of violence; second, the different ways in which one can victimise another (in)voluntarily; and finally, the importance of speaking up whether you are the receiver of an abusive behaviour/act or you are a bystander watching one unfold.

The audience embraced the general concept of the workshop, was quickly engaged by the different parts and interactive projects, and eagerly participated in the two acts of the “Theatre of the Oppressed”. SDSN Greece Youth is already planning its next actions, which will aim to raise awareness in the youth population based on ideas of a sustainable societal transformation.

Saturday 25/11/2017
Place: Organization Earth Headquarters

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