Upcoming: International Conference on Education for Human Security | March 7-9, 2023 Online

Humanity confronts complex, multidimensional challenges to the security of the people and the planet we live on. In spite of unprecedented and remarkable achievements, our sense of insecurity continues to rise. A fundamental change is needed in our concept of security and the strategies, policies and institutional framework by which we seek to achieve it.  It is now widely recognized that reform in the educational system is urgently needed to address these pressing challenges. Effective education should include the principles of Human Security essential to the survival and sustainable development of every individual and to global society as a whole. The human security approach was first advocated by the United Nations in 1994 and has since been applied in hundreds of programs around the world.

This conference examines the relevance and applicability of the human security approach to different fields of higher education. It seeks to generate awareness and initiate active discussion among educators and universities on the central importance of the Human Security Approach as an integral component of higher education. The conference will be followed by publication of papers for widespread free dissemination, preparation of a report on Education for Human Security, and development of new course materials on this subject.

This conference is being conducted in support of HS4A, a global campaign to generate awareness and elicit active support and participation from all major sectors and sections of global society in an unprecedented effort to release and mobilize the untapped energies and capacities of humanity in pursuit of human security for all.

More information available via WAAS conference website.

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