Upcoming: “Sustainable WEFE Nexus for Sustainable Development : The cases of Greece and Cyprus” | 23/3

In the Greek Scientists Society Inaugural Conference on Sustainability we explore the role of WEFE Nexus for Greece and Cyprus’ Sustainable Development.

The conference will take place online on 23/3 at 6:00 PM EET and it is organized by Greek Scientists Society jointly with AE4RIA on the event platform. Please register at: https://www.airmeet.com/e/c243cf30-9403-11ed-9dd1-7f6ae9348417 to participate:

➡in networking sessions (start at 4:00 PM EET)

➡in Q&A at the end of each panel

➡to comment (the platform has the option to get an invitation to speak live at the stage)

In the transition to the green economy, we need to design WEFE systems
– to provide water, energy and food security to meet the basic needs of our citizens and support economic growth
– to manage our environment and natural resources in a sustainable manner
– to ensure long-term viability supporting economic growth and reducing poverty while achieving social equity (access to water, energy, food and environmental resources must be equitable and inclusive)
– ensuring the needs of all members of society are met
– realising resilience by adapting to changing conditions, such as climate change or even wars like in Ukraine

We discuss these questions, with the aim ensuring that sustainable development strategies in Greece and Cyprus are integrated into all sectors
– How to finance the Sustainability Transition of the WEFE Nexus under Climate Crisis
– How Engineering and Information Technology Aspects affect WEFE management

Agenda & more info | Event on Linkedin

The conference  will be broadcast live via:

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