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Supporting our strategy for proper water management, we begin the implementation of the ′′ Water for Tomorrow ′′ Program. In collaboration with the Scientific Team of AUEB Professor Phoebe Koundouri and with active participation of productive and institutional entities we create the conditions for designing and promoting solutions for the sustainable management of this valuable asset.

Water for Tomorrow” is a program of the Athenian Brewery that promotes Sustainable Development in practice through the emergence of solutions for the proper management of water resources in Greece. The first action of the Program focuses on the Region of Thessaly where a number of factors cause a severe problem of water scarcity, significantly affecting at all levels, but mainly the issue of agricultural production which is particularly intense in the region. To address the problem and move to a new sustainable water management model, Athenian Brewery will work with state and civil society representatives, scientists, researchers and producers to jointly develop solutions that answer its question. sustainable management of water resources.

The scientific responsibility and documentation of the Program “Water for Tomorrow” has the professor of the Athens University of Economics and Business Ms. Phoebe Kountouri, which is supported by a large group of researchers. The scientific team specializes in sustainable development and environmental economics, natural resources and energy. As part of her research work, she has developed and implemented documented, innovative, interdisciplinary anthropocentric systems for sustainable interaction between nature, society and the economy. During the implementation of the “Water for Tomorrow” Program, the scientific team will apply the integrated methodology for the Innovative Systems Transformation (Systems Innovation Approach), aiming at the active involvement of the productive and institutional partners in all stages of the design of the solutions will lead to a sustainable model of water resources management in Thessaly.

Start: 2021

Meet the team: here

Read the Initial Report on Water Resources Management and the situation of the Water District of Thessaly (Project: Water For Tomorrow|  Athenian Brewery) here

Read more: www.nerogiatoavrio.gr

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