Water Scarcity at TERRA MADRE Slow Food

Water Scarcity at TERRA MADRE Slow Food

Water Scarcity in Southern Europe: great solutions for a great challenge


The sustainability of our food system is threatened by water scarcity, particularly in Southern Europe: Spain, Greece, Cyprus, Italy and Turkey all expect water shortages to increase in the near future.


There is no denying that more innovation is needed to reduce water shortages and optimize water use – a challenge that covers multiple areas –, produce food in a more sustainable way, while avoiding an increase in food prices.


This is why in 2020 EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Raw Materials, ATHENA and BioAzul have joined forces to face the real challenges around this theme and collaborate in the cross-KICs project “Finding innovative solutions for water scarcity in Southern Europe”. Representatives of the KICs and Slow Food  will engage in a discussion to share knowledge on environmental protection and sustainability related to water management, and raise awareness about water scarcity and climate change on a national and international scale.


Free event upon registration (registration is required to follow the event with live language interpretation) and available in streaming at this link.




  • Federico Mattei (Slow Food International) – moderator
  • Francesco Sottile (Slow Food Italia, University of Palermo) – welcoming the EIT KIC’s
  • EIT Climate-KIC – Than-Tam Lee, Mediterranean Director
  • EIT Food – Elvira Domingo, Innovation Programme Manager
  • EIT Raw Materials – Ignacio Calleja, Senior Advisor – Circular Economy and Recycling
  • ATHENA – Dr. Phoebe Koundouri, Professor Athens University of Economics and Business, President Elect European Association of Environmental and Resource Economists
  • Bluetentacles (Marco Bezzi), the startup of The Plug & Play solution for precision irrigation
  • Matrix (Hara Koutalou), the startup of Agrenio, an app to help farmers rationalize the use of water in their fields
  • Giuseppe Mancuso – Producer of Ustica Lentil Slow Food Presidium
  • Chiara d’Adamo – Producer of Manduria Cherry Tomato.


Watch live: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSBWItOGYcQ

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