Water Scarcity Communication Course

The Water Scarcity Communication Course is part of the cross-KIC Initiative Finding innovative solutions to Water Scarcity in Southern Europe, involving the EIT Climate-KIC, EIT Food, EIT Manufacturing, EIT Raw Material, ATHENA and Bioazul. The goal of the initiative is to provide tools and resources to improve the communications skills of those professionals that for their work regularly communicate to different audiences about water scarcity and climate change-related issues.

The Water Grabbing Observatory will deliver a two half-day online workshop on the 11th and 12th November 2020 with the communications and water experts Emanuele BompanAnna Violato and Jacopo Pasotti. The course is FREE, with an additional option for a feedback personalised exercise (creation of a personal communication portfolio) for the price of 200 EUR.


Please confirm your participation by the 6th November, 18:00 CET, registering for the course HERE.

You can confirm to opt-in for the feedback personalised exercise until the 12 Nov, 12:00 CET, HERE.


See the program below

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