Webinar: Natural capital. Achievements, critical aspects & implementation of policies

Turin School of Regulation

Almost fifty years after the origin of the very concept of Natural Capital, and eight years after the “Natural Capital Declaration” during the United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the value of ecosystem services, the protection of biodiversity, as well as the sustainability of production and consumption models and the implementation of policies capable of guaranteeing the accessibility and protection of these services, continue to be controversial.

Despite the existence of recognized protocols and measurement systems capable of describing the effects of the economy on the environment, the same measurement of the value and state of health of ecosystem services continues to be the subject of discussion. At the same time, the implementation of policies able to protect the natural heritage, to limit its consumption and to guarantee ecological health, until now has not been adequate.

The webinar intends to analyse and deepen the concept of Natural Capital by retracing its history and its evolutions to better understand the way in which, until now, its value has been understood, declined and defined in economic policies and the novelty and potentiality of the recent development of the Green New Deal. A series of experts will be involved in framing the issue of ecosystem services, their measurement and describing strengths and weaknesses of international, national and local environmental policies.



– PHOEBE KOUNDOURI, Athens University of Economics and Business

– ALDO RAVAZZI DOUVAN, Technical Secretary of the Italian Natural Capital Committee | Past-President, OECD Committee on Biodiversity, Water & Ecosystems | University of Roma Tor Vergata, Environmental Global Governance


– FERNANDO RODRIGUEZ, Universidad de Salamanca

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