Webinar “Systems Solutions for Systemic Challenges in Circular Economy” | CE Beacons project

We are thrilled to kick off our series of webinars with “Systems Solutions for Systemic Challenges in CE” on September 7th at 11 am CET, where you have the opportunity to shape your knowledge and future decisions.

This is why we have joined Milan Veselinov, Founder & CEO of CirEkon, Ellie Shtereva, a certified PMP and Project Coordinator at Cleantech Bulgaria, and Dr. Ebun Akinsete, a Senior Researcher at the Sustainable Development Unit, ATHENA RC and the Head of the Department of Stakeholder Analysis and Decision Support Systems at ICRE8 and SDSN Greece.

Join Milan, Ellie, and Ebun for a free 1-hour webinar to ask questions and interact with our experts.

In this webinar, you should expect:

  • To learn thoroughly about Circular Economy, including: the difference between systemic and systematic solutions, planning for systems change, linear economy thinking vs. circular economy thinking, and challenges in transition to systems thinking
  • To ask your topic-related questions
  • To timely discuss matters with the speakers
  • To be familiarized with the Beacons project services

So, do not miss the chance to learn from the best. Hurry up and REGISTER.

Can’t wait to have you among us!

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