What is Open Science?

Did you know Open Science is a policy priority for the European Commission? Why? Because it improves the quality, efficiency and responsiveness of research.

Learn more about the benefits of Open Science for you and your research at: https://think.f1000research.com/open-research-europe-submission/open-research-europe/?utm_source=third_party_list&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JQC19396

Prof. Koundouri supports this European Initiative, as member of the Open Research Europe Scientific Advisory Board (SAB). The Open Research Europe Scientific Advisory Board (SAB) comprises a diverse set of researchers who are accomplished in their respective fields at all career stages from across Europe and the world. They act as ambassadors of Open Research Europe to the global academic community. The SAB also provides guidance on publishing policies, the strategic direction and sustainability of the platform, whilst also advising on challenging issues that may arise from the Horizon 2020 communities that Open Research Europe serves.

Learn more about the Board at: https://open-research-europe.ec.europa.eu/advisors?utm_source=third_party_list&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=JQC19396

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