Working Meeting with the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI)

On Monday 13th, Prof. Phoebe Koundouri was invited at the Brazilian Center for International Relations (CEBRI) by Julia Dias Leite , CEO at the Chairman’s house, José Pio Borges. The meeting was also attended by André Clark Juliano, Trustee of CEBRI and Senior Vice President for the Siemens Energy Hub in Latin America and General Manager of Siemens Energy Brazil and Izabella Monica Teixeira, Trustee Emeritus at the Brazilian Center of International Relations (CEBRI); Former Minister of Environment (2010-2016). From the team of Prof. Koundouri, Maria Lentoudi, Communications Manager of AE4RIA, SDSN Global Climate Hub & SDSN Europe was also attended the meeting.

The conclusion of the discussion was to jointly work for the SDGs based transformations in Rio de Janeiro, within the multi-target, integrated, systemic and interdisciplinary framework offered by UN agenda 2030.  It was a truly constructive meeting, laying the foundations of our collaboration!


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