Zilient: a first-of-its-kind online publishing and knowledge-sharing platform

The Global Resilience Summit, yesterday, The Rockefeller Foundation in collaboration with the Thomson Reuters Foundation, Blue State Digital and OnFrontiers, unveiled Zilient: a first-of-its-kind online publishing and knowledge-sharing platform for global resilience practitioners.

Zilient aims to provide two primary services: to connect individuals and teams working across the global resilience field, and to elevate high-quality content on resilience.

Zilient will publish dozens of new articles, stories and reports each week on how communities, cities, governments and other organizations are responding to and protecting themselves against some of the biggest social, economic and environmental challenges of our time. This will include expert coverage by Thomson Reuters Foundation journalists, pieces written by individual members of the Zilient community and information curated by Zilient from across the Internet. The platform will also send a weekly round-up email to all Zilient members. All news stories will be disseminated through the Reuters wire, with an estimated reach of one billion readers.

Zilient is an open community.  Any interested individual, team or organization is welcome to join.

Visit Zilient: www.zilient.org

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