Applications – Enso XL MaritimeTech Accelerator by Optima-X

Developed by Optima-X and Enso XL Maritime Accelerator in partnership with the broad

maritime industry, research institutes, universities, capital providers and the valuable

assistance of the Greek public sector, The Research and Innovation HUB in the Maritime &

Ocean space builds on our strategic long terms plans to develop Greece’s next growth

phase as a Maritime Cluster and strengthen our position as an international maritime

center. Specific synergies have been formed to catalyze innovation, incubate and

accelerate new ideas, decrease carbon footprints in ports and at sea and drive

productivity improvements. We actively recruit key members from Corporate, Capital,

Government, Academia and Entrepreneurship, to build a system-level maritime

innovation engine for national and international impact (Supercluster).

nnovation meets the ocean.


“Our mission is to build a powerful enablement hub that generates and supports new businesses, startups or scale-ups to bring their maritime ideas on surface and to market.

We are Optima-X. Combining our maritime expertise along with the great pool of tech talents, we are presenting a seed-stage maritime accelerator dedicated to create an investor and entrepreneur maritime ecosystem within the Athenian shipping cluster and beyond.


Our areas of focus are, but not limited to:

  • Blockchain for cargo tracking
  • Smart Capacity Management Platforms
  • Circular ship recycling and waste management
  • Crew recruitment and allocation marketplace (onshore/offshore)
  • Port call/operations optimization
  • Big Data & Machine Learning innovations in maritime industry
  • Regulative environment applications


Optima-X and our Enso XL accelerator program is backed by corporate partners, investors and mentors – all scouting for the right partners and venturing for new business! “


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