BRIGAID CONNECT | Innovation for Resilience

Climate-related disasters are already impacting Europe from north to south, east to west. In 2016, these disasters caused more than €20 billion of damages across Europe – and these impacts will grow as our climate continues to change. This will place a huge burden on Europe’s environment, society and economy – we need to rethink our systems and find innovative ways to adapt to this new reality. We urgently need innovators who can not only generate great ideas, but who can bring them to life; increasing our safety, creating jobs, strengthening Europe’s global competitiveness and improving our quality of life along the way.

This is why in 2016 we embarked on BRIGAID: a four-year EU funded project to accelerate the development and spread of innovations in climate resilience.

Our aim: to find and help innovators turn their climate adaptation ideas into real solutions. But we can’t stop now! We now need to consolidate what BRIGAID achieved and turn it into a thriving, Europe-wide ecosystem for climate adaptation innovations.

At Brigaid Connect we provide concrete help to innovators by: – Finding funding, experts, and test facilities to improve their new climate adaptation innovations; – Providing business strategy training over web-based tools; – and by offering communication and marketing support to help innovators grow their business.


BRIGAID Connect Association, , is a research driven incubator that turns innovation ideas into real climate adaptation solutions. BRIGAID Connect is a solution provider for the ambitious climate adaptation strategy. This Association is the outcome of an EU-funded project “BRIGAID: Bridging the gap for Innovations in Disaster Resilience” (2016-2020) and engages over 120 climate adaptation innovations in an advanced stage of development. The project evaluated 125 innovations from across Europe, selecting 40 of them to participate in a collaborative technical readiness assessment, and accompanying 26 more through its market readiness programme.

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