Launch meeting of the new COST Action project: CA20138

On 22 & 23 of September, the Launch meeting of the new COST Action project, CA20138: Network on Water-Energy-food Nexus for Low-Carbon Economy in Europe and Beyond took place online. Prof. Chrysi Laspidou and Prof. Koundouri, together with other amazing people enjoyed the meeting!

This COST Action adds to the many WEF Nexus projects in the Cluster of the Sustainability Transition led by Prof. Koundouri (for example, ERC Water Futures project, AWESOME PRIMA project, DAFNE H2020 project).

Prof. Koundouri participates in the Steering Committee of the Nexus Project Cluster, an initiative of nexus-research groups across Europe and beyond, which started a couple of years ago.

You may see all relevant water food energy nexus projects at:

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