Prof. Koundouri’s Articles in “Multistakeholders GLOBAL GOALS Review – Greece 2023”

Professor Koundouri’s articles, entitled “The Accomplishments of SDGs at the European and Greek Levels” and “Integrating SDGs and ESG Factors for a Sustainable Corporate World”, were effectively showcased at the United Nations General Assembly’s SDGs Summit 2023 in New York as part of the special edition of “Multistakeholders GLOBAL GOALS Review – Greece 2023.”

Access the articles here

This edition of “Multistakeholders GLOBAL GOALS Review – Greece 2023” has received significant recognition at the institutional level in Greece. It was developed in collaboration with UN SDSN Greece and has garnered endorsements from five Ministries: Development, Finance, Labor, Environment & Energy, and Social Cohesion & Family. The publication showcases a remarkable 1,370 registered initiatives by 699 organizations spanning from 2018 to 2022. Furthermore, it presents best practices from leading companies that actively support national policies.


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